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7 Day Mental Cleanse

  • 7Days
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Welcome and Thanks for signing up for the Mental Cleanse! Of course you’ve heard of a DETOX...which is usually made up of green juices (I love me a Green Juice!!). But over the next 7 days, we will engage in a Mental Detox...a Mental Cleanse. Maybe you feel a bit off, distracted, anxious or even sluggish mentally...this is what the MENTAL CLEANSE is for! For the next 7-days, a series of prompts or challenges will gently push you to look at some of the common areas of stress that can cloud us mentally, emotionally, and psychologically. After you go through this process, you’ll be able to learn more about what stressors trigger you, what activities feed you, and some creative self care strategies. I encourage you to cleanse often, to keep your mental and emotional systems nice and clean! If you have any questions or feel challenged as you go through the cleanse, please let me know. We (the other cleansers and I) are here to support you. Use the Group Chat to share your story. Let’s get Cleansed.

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7 Day Mental Cleanse - Chat

7 Day Mental Cleanse - Chat

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