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Human Performance Academy

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The VRPC Human Performance Academy provides Performance Training and Education to Performers from all Performance disciplines, and all Performance Zones

Whether you are an Athlete, Business Person, Performing Artist or High Achiever in any area of life, there is a training module and webinar here for you to assess, address and access your individual high performance.
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Human Performance Webinar sessions from the VR Performance Consulting - Human Performance Academy. Mental skills training for coaches, athletes, and non sport performers. 

Performance and Love Lanuages

Performance & Love Languages

How does your Love Language affect your Performance?

Explore the 5 Love Languages and how they can be used to maximize your performance in all the Performance Zones.

5 Performance Strategies Webinar

Performance Strategies

Learn and Explore the 5 Performance Strategies that will help you increase your performance at home, in work, in school and sport.

The Mental Cleanse


Maybe you feel a bit off, distracted, anxious or even sluggish mentally...this is what the MENTAL CLEANSE is for!

Mental Sustainability Webinar

Mental Sustainability

Learn how to use the mental skills and strengths that you do have to maintain and sustain high performance. Feel yourself slipping? Become mentally sustainable.

Motivation and Energy
Build Resilience
Truth and Lies

Combating Fatigue

Crisis Planning


Feeling Tired and a Lack of Motivation or Drive? Learn strategies to create energy and build motivation to increase your performance in all areas of life. 

The key to surviving and thriving through any challenge, change or obstacle is Resilience. Before, During and After there are specific tools and strategies to employ. Learn them.

The lies that we tell ourselves affect the way we perform. What are the types of lies and how does self-deception affect performance?

Uncertainty Workshop
Performance Zones

What's Next

Dealing with Uncertainty is an important skill to learn when there is an important decision, life changes or for anyone dealing with change nd unsure about What's Next. 

Performance Zones

The Performance Zones are the Life Areas within which you have to perform on a daily basis. Explore the performance zones and identify which you might be lacking in and how to stabilize them.

Positivity Workshop


Being positive isnt always the best way to handle a situation or a challenge. Learn what else is necessary and how to be positively positive. 

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