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Mental Cleanse

What is the Mental Cleanse?

So you're curious...

Looking for a new way to be healthier and do better for your mind and your body?


While there are many options to increase your physical and mental performance, one of the most popular is to embark on a detoxing journey to reset!

Of course you’ve heard of a DETOX or a Cleanse...which is usually a process requiring you to avoid something like sugar, social media, solid foods, caffeine, etc.

For this process though, we will engage in a Mental Detox...a Mental Cleanse.

Dr. Vernice Richards, Human Performance Specialist
Mental Cleanse

The Mental Cleanse is for you if you have been feeling...



A Bit Off


Burnt Out

Reasons to Cleanse?

This cleanse will help you learn more about your triggers, what activities uplift you, and introduce you to some creative performance strategies.

What are we Cleansing?


Emotional Management

Dr. Vernice Richards, Human Performance Specialist


The Internal Narrative

Dr. Vernice Richards, Human Performance Specialist

Mind-Body Health


Dr. Vernice Richards, Human Performance Specialist


Interaction with Others

Dr. Vernice Richards, Human Performance Specialist

Here's one more reason to Cleanse...

If you have any questions or feel challenged as you go through the cleanse, guess what!


There is a VIRTUAL Support group.

Yup...that means, support from me and the other cleansers as you go through each of the daily challenges or even repeat the process!

We (the other cleansers and I) are here to support you.

Use the Group Chat to share your story.

Let’s get Cleansed!

Ready to Cleanse?

Life can get complicated, and we aren't immune from its stressors (neither am I). 


Reboot your systems!!


7 days - 28 challenges - group support - 1-1 virtual support

Once you get started...please share and cleanse often!

Keep your mental and emotional systems nice and clean!

The cleanse is available for you to repeat, whenever you need it. 

*The challenges are updated every month, so the cleanse wont always be the same*

Mental Cleanse
Mental Cleanse
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