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Routines - The time between points

This video blog includes a video and Info-Graphic description of an effective Between Point Routine (BPR) that Tennis athletes can employ to prepare like the PROS!

The Routine.

This is where an athlete can be prepared to play their game in the best way possible, and ready for whatever the opponent sends their way. This is where the point can be won or lost.

The Routine is typically made up of four (4) stages, as explained by Dr. Jim Loehrs' 16 Second Cure.

Its more than just a ritual.

Check out the video blog, listen to pros describe what makes Routines important and the role that each stage plays. The infographic below summarizes the video.

Additionally, routines occur, before and after matches as well (This will be covered in another post!)

Info-Graphic Recap for Routines

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