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Dr. Vernice Richards

Dr. Vernice Richards

Mental Performance Therapist

Licensed Mental Health Counselor FL MH17613

PhD Sport and Performance Psychology

YTT Yoga Therapy

International Society of Sport Psych-Registry

I'm Dr. Vernice Richards, a Mental Performance Therapist.

For almost 20 years, I've worked with athletes, business people, performing artists, medical professionals, and all sorts of amazing performers from all over the world.

The clients I work with, call me Dr. V and I call you all, Performers!

Helping performers develop, achieve and maintain peak performance in their performance area, and in their everyday lives is my passion.

Here's a little secret: Life's a Sport

Learn how to approach it that way!

What it's Like to Work with Me

Take a Break from Overthinking

"Let me do the Overthinking for you"

Change Awareness

"Step Beyond Self Awareness"

Metaphors and Analogies

"It's like if.."

Actionable Advice

"Let's Try This, Step 1 is..."

Perspective Shift

"Let's think outside your mental box on this"

Dr. Vernice Richards

5 Things to Know About Me

Dr. Vernice Richards


Island Girl

Slow Traveler 

Bead Sleever

Coffee Lover

The Pillars of Shift-Work

"Assess, Address, Achieve"
This is the 3-Step Guide to a Fundamental Mind Shift

Evaluate your current mental, emotional, and physical state. Identify strengths, weaknesses, and concerns
Tackle the issues with strategies and interventions.
Focus on overcoming obstacles and enhancing strengths

Unlock potential and maintain performance.
 realistic, sustainable and effective approaches
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