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Explore and get Insights into the world of Mental Performance in this Monthly Blog.

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Dr. Vernice Richards Human Performance Specialist Performance Psychology Coaching

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Dr. Vernice Richards

I’m Dr. Vernice Richards, you can call me 'Dr.V'

I specialize in MIND-SHIFTS.

That means, getting you to think differently.

In this blog, I share insights into overcoming the unique challenges faced by high performers, provide strategies and tools to enhance your mental game, and guide you in building sustainable high-performance habits.

Uncover Mental Performance Challenges—from battling Burnout to conquering Imposter Syndrome.

Explore proven strategies and tools you can rely on to maintain peak performance.

Learn the High-Performance Habits that can enhance your resilience and ensure sustained success in demanding environments.


Explore practical strategies and tools to keep your performance at its peak.

Learn habits that boost your resilience and ensure lasting success.

Unpack the Current Trends in Mental Wellness


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