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Human Performance - For the Mind

If you plug Human Performance into Google, or IG search you'll find a lot of information on Physical Performance, Strength and Fitness.

This is naturally representative of how you might equate High Performance with the physical aspect of Performance...but guess's also Mental...Psychological!

Human Performance Psychology explores the nuances of what makes us tick, excel, and thrive in various high-pressure Sport, Business, Performing Arts, Medicine, etc.

So, what exactly is Human the Mind?

It's the study of how we bring our A-game to the table, especially in demanding situations. Picture - athletes breaking records, musicians delivering breathtaking performances, business moguls and medical professionals making strategic/life changing decisions - under immense pressure.

This is what I mean when you've heard me say 'Optimize your Human Performance'....doing whatever you do...Better -by utilizing a set of skills, strategies, tips and tools to get you there.

Who is Human Performance For?

You might want to shy away from referring to yourself as High Performers...but guess what, a High Performer is one that is constantly pushing the boundaries of what they can achieve...and what they want to achieve. In some cases, Human Performance is for that person that WANTS to unlock a pathway to becoming a Performer.

At the core of Human Performance there is a drive to reconcile the MIND with the TASK at hand.

As a Human Performance Specialist, I've witnessed the mental gymnastics that Performers go through. It's not just about skills/talent/resources you have but it's about having the mental fortitude and mental presence to apply those skills under intense circumstances...which can be Taught.

In Human Performance, achieving success is actually a small percentage of what we are working towards. The meat of the work is about making success/efficiency/effectiveness sustainable across performances. Whether it's closing a crucial business deal, pushing beyond capability on your field of play, delivering a flawless musical performance, performing on an exam or procedure...the mind can become both an ally and an adversary when it comes to harnessing stress, building resilience, and maintaining focus to have Consistent High Performances.

In a nutshell, Human Performance is about transcending mental limitations, embracing uncertainty, beating perfectionism, overcoming overthinking, avoiding comparison, reducing negativity and consistently delivering top-notch results, in your Performance Area!


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