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Mental Skills First Aid

The  Mental Skills-First Aid (MS-FA), is a comprehensive training program  designed to equip you with the essential knowledge, tools, and interventions of Mental  Skills Training.

As traditional First Aid is for physical health, MS-FA focuses  on the crucial area of mental performance and wellness, helping support professionals navigate demanding performance environments. 

Mental Skills - Performance Skills necessary for Peak Performance

First Aid - Preventative and Emergency application of Solutions

Dr. Vernice Richards


Is the MS-FA right for you?

  • If You are...a Professional, Parent, Teacher, Coach, Trainer, or Medical Professional.

  • If You are...interested in learning how to recognize when a performer has a performance challenge.

  • If You are...interested in learning how to apply strategies to help performers through performance challenges.

  • If You are...looking for a way to support your performer through Mental Wellness and Performance Challenges


Then this training is for you or your team.

Dr. Vernice Richards, Human Performance Specialist , Coach and Organizational Training
Dr. Vernice Richards, Human Performance Specialist , Coach and Organizational Training with Sport Parents
Dr. Vernice Richards, Human Performance Specialist , Coach and Organizational Training for businesses


Why Mental Skills-First Aid?

Mental Skills Training is often inaccessible to everyone, and expensive to have a Performance Psychologist on site. The Mental Skills First Aid (MSFA) bridges this gap by making  performance psychology practices more accessible and affordable for these very situations to help increase the availability of and access to the practice of Performance Psychology across disciplines.

This training  empowers you to: 

• Identify common performance challenges

• Apply mental skills first aid through targeted interventions

• Establish a pathway for referrals and support for performers

Hosted by Dr. Vernice Richards, an International Human Performance Specialist with over 15yrs experience working with High Performing individuals in Sport, Business, Arts and Medicine. Learn More

MSFA is recommended for paraprofessionals who have experience in, or are involved in the high performance fields (i.e. professionals, teachers, coaches, trainers, medical professionals, parents, etc).

Dr. Vernice Richards

What will you Learn?


Learn the most common performance challenges that performers face

Dr. Vernice Richards, Human Performance Specialist


Understand the role of the mental skills first responder

Dr. Vernice Richards, Human Performance Specialist


Create a support team framework and referral network for performers

Dr. Vernice Richards, Human Performance Specialist


Apply interventions designed for performance issues

Dr. Vernice Richards, Human Performance Specialist


What Will You Learn?  

The 6-session workshop, hosted by Dr. Vernice Richards, a Mental Performance Therapist with over 15 years of experience, covers how to: 

1. Identify: Recognize common performance challenges. 

2. Explore: Understand the role of a mental skills first responder. 

3. Establish: Create a support framework and referral network. 

4. Implement: Apply tailored interventions for performance issues. 

Training Structure  

The program spans six (6) weeks and includes: 

• One (1) 50 minute individual session 

• Six (6) live group sessions 

• Virtual learning modules

The six (6) sessions, cover topics within Applied Sport and Performance Psychology that are important for understanding high performing populations, implementing effective interventions and identifying appropriate support professional roles.

Module Training Requests

Ready to enhance your skills and support mental wellness in your field?


Join the MS-FA  waitlist today and start making a positive difference in the lives of those around you.


Contact Us  

For more information or to join the waitlist, get in touch with Dr. Vernice Richards and start  your journey towards mental wellness and peak performance. 


Have a specific topic that you would like to know how to handle?

Or that you would like your paraprofessional team to be able to handle?

Let's create a MSFA Syllabus specific to your needs and bring it to your Team, Club or Organization.

Learn, support, and thrive with Mental Skills-First Aid.

Your journey to mental wellness  begins here.

Mental Skills First Aid
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