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5 Steps to Embracing Uncertainty

Life's a bit of a rollercoaster, and so can your Performance!

I mean, uncertainty is like that friend who just won't leave your side. But you know what? I found out that having uncertainty as a 'ride or die' isn't such a bad thing. It's actually the main ingredient in a recipe for personal growth, believe it or not.

What I DIDN'T Do is approach Uncertainty with an 'It Is What It Is' mentality...

**I wasn't about to let life just happen to me.**

So, what did it take to tackle the whole Uncertainty thing? Here are the 5 Steps...

  • First off, I had to make peace with the fact that I couldn't predict the future. (Take a deep breath anxious and control freaks)

  • Then came the soul-searching, figuring out what really mattered to me, and my purpose to ground Drishti.

  • After that, I paid attention to the energy I was putting out. Focusing on what I could control, was like creating anchors that kept me steady.

  • Next up, I decided to get more process driven with my goals so that small wins became my thing, versus the large vision of the future.

  • Finally, I dove headfirst into continuous learning – creating momentum and exploring different perspectives.

Looking back, dealing with uncertainty wasn't only a struggle...because it definitely was that! But it was a story of growth and resilience. By rolling with the unknown, I came out on the other side stronger.

Learn How to Unravel Uncertainty


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