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Activating High Performance Mindset – Motivation

Thank you for joining the Activating High Performance Mindset pop-up webinar!

Here’s the recap! Click here to pre-register for the next webinar May 24th

In this session we explored what High Performance Skills are, how they work and introduced our second essential High Performance Activator - Motivation.

Many skills are important to consider when seeking, building or cultivating the High Performance Mindset. With that in mind, the analogy of an umbrella is used.

Each panel represent mental skills that work together to protect the performer from the storm, aka challenges and obstacles that performers face.

Everyone has an umbrella, and everyone has mental strength, the exception is that all the panels of your personal umbrella may not be as impermeable or waterproof as it could be. Working on your mental skills serve the purpose of ensuring that your umbrella (mindset) can protect you or give you the ability to perform despite the challenges faced. Work on your mental skills.

The second High Performance Activator is Motivation.

Coaches, Parents, Teachers and Bosses, all ask; How do I get them fired up? How do I motivate them? How do I increase their performance?

The challenge with motivation is that it is very individualistic, that is, what motivates one person is not exactly the same for another.

To be able to motivate or be motivated, there are several considerations.

First - What is the source of the motivation?

Motivation can be sourced internally (INTRINSIC) with emphasis on fulfillment and learning. It can also be sourced externally (EXTRINSIC) with emphasis on rewards and recognition. Interestingly, the source of a persons motivation is rarely completely intrinsic or extrinsic. In fact, it exists on a scale or a continuum.

Second - What is the category of the motivation?

Sources of motivation are usually considered in categories of what is GOOD and what is BAD. The more appropriate categorization to consider is; Is it Constructive/Helpful or Destructive/Unhelpful.

This is an important distinction since intrinsic motivation, commonly seen as good and healthy can be unhealthy when it leads to negative self talk or perfectionism. Alternatively, external motivation which is usually considered bad and unhelpful can be helpful when used as an incentive to increase productivity and determination.

The source and category of what Motivates you can determine long term success as an Essential High Performance Activator.

Use the worksheet from the link/photo above to help you identify your source and category of motivation.

Here's how to use it!

Choose an activity, something that you do or want to achieve and write out what about that motivates you on the intrinsic level and extrinsic level.

Don't stop there though, make sure to identify if the motivation source is Constructive/Helpful or Destructive/Unhelpful.

Once you have completed this process, make the adjustments to align your motivators to increase your ability to HIGH PERFORM! This is a tip/trick/tool you can use to gauge and guide your motivation in any aspect of your life!

Check out the To Do and To Done blog for help jumpstarting your motivation.

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