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Activating High Performance Mindset – Productivity

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In this session we explored what High Performance Skills are, how they work and introduced our first essential High Performance Activator - Productivity.

Many skills are important to consider when seeking, building or cultivating the High Performance Mindset. With that in mind, the analogy of an umbrella is used.

Each panel represent mental skills that work together to protect the performer from the storm, aka challenges and obstacles that performers face.

Everyone has an umbrella, and everyone has mental strength, the exception is that all the panels of your personal umbrella may not be as impermeable or waterproof as it could be. Working on your mental skills serve the purpose of ensuring that your umbrella (mindset) can protect you or give you the ability to perform despite the challenges faced. Work on your mental skills.

The first High Performance Activator is Productivity.

Focusing on Productivity first, has a very important evaluative and effective role. It creates consistency and structure which helps with preserving mental energy and reducing anxiety. It provides an opportunity to self-manage and self-evaluate which builds self-confidence and self-efficacy (your belief in your ability to DO something) and it adds an element of accountability, either through yourself by keeping it visible (internal motivation) or by engaging others in a support system to help keep you on track (external motivation).

Being Productive is an Essential High Performance Activator.

Step 1 – Identify goals. Create balance, make one for each area of your life.

Step 2 – Create action items; things that can be done everyday towards the goal set.

Step 3 – Identify potential Distractions

Step 4 – Develop a strategy to avoid or refocus after/during a distraction

Step 5 – Identify a person that you can call on to add a level of accountability

Step 6 – Evaluate yourself on your progress towards the goals and your distract-ability.

Step 7 – Did you nail it? Evaluate yourself on your overall productivity.

Productivity is considered an essential High Performance skill and activator, not based on how well you create the schedule, but your ability to stick to it, your determination and discipline. Your avoid, resist distractions, your awareness, focus, and control. Your ability to believe in whether you can complete the activity or its importance, your motivation, your confidence, and your self-talk. And how you deal with completing or not being able to complete the list, your attitude and emotional management.

See what I did there?

Productivity is a gateway skill that gives insight into many other mental skills, all of which build your umbrella of mental toughness, mental strength and mental flexibility. As a result, it can determine whether or not you are a high performer. For this reason, Productivity is the first High Performance Activator discussed in this series when assessing and building the High Performance Mindset.

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