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Shhh...Anxious and...Functional

You feel anxious more often than not, but with a well crafted veneer you are also functional.

That one would know unless you told them...and even they believe you!

High-Functioning Anxiety is complicated...naturally I don't have to explain that to you.

Don't worry, I totally get it...and your secret is safe with me.

Since were sharing secrets...Are you also keeping any of these?

Secrets of the High-Functioning Anxious

The pursuit of perfection, is clouded by pressure and strain, concealing a clandestine world of stress. Behind the façade of excellence lies the truth—unrealistic expectations, relentless self-criticism, and an unspoken fear of falling short. That's...Perfectionism, the undercover architect of stress.

The tendency to delve deeply into every thought and decision conceals an analysis paralysis. This mental chatter proves exhausting and counterproductive, obstructing decision-making, operating quietly in the shadows. That's... Overthinking, the secret saboteur..

Balancing the weight of high achievement and the concealed anxiety it brings reveals a covert accomplice. Physical symptoms like tension, restlessness, and mental exhaustion silently testify to the toll taken by this secret accomplice. That's...Burn Out, the secret strain.

Despite basking in external success, a lingering sense of undeserving accomplishment and the covert fear of exposure as a fraud casts shadows on triumphs. That's... Imposter Syndrome, the silent underminer.

I know it may be hard to wrap your brain around this, but there are strengths to being High Functioning and Anxious.

How about we stop keeping these a secret too!!

No More Secrets

Let's expose these secrets, unravel their covert tactics, and empower you to reclaim control over


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