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Brain Training - NeuroTraining

The brain is the largest and most complex muscle of the human body. Using biofeedback and mindfulness approaches we can train it and challenge it similarly to how you would, all of the other muscles of the body.

This type of training allows the performer to;

- recognize, manage and control thoughts that may not be helpful

- be in more control of reactions in situations that would usually unsettle us

- practice strategies to help stay in the present

- increase awareness of physiological symptoms of stress

In short, performers learn how to use their Mental Muscle as a tool to increase their performance on and off the field of play. That’s right! The skills that performers learn from Brain Training are transferable to other areas of life. Imagine being able to focus (better/longer), have more patience, stay calm, increase your decision making ability, and internal awareness.

Enhancements in technology allow us to track and measure the ‘Quiet Brain’, or Meditation process. Performers are given the opportunity to see and hear feedback in real time, and learn form it. This form of biofeedback brings the data to life, making the process engaging to the elite and youth performer.

Brainwave data, is reported in a way that performers through reflection can understand the areas that they would benefit from more work and learn from the process in each session. Thoughts that are challenging can then be explored, understood or reframed with Dr.V.

With this added component, performers are able to comprehensively and holistically deal with the issues that come with pressure situations and those that involve issues with focus and staying calm. Learning not only how to perform at their best, despite what challenges they are faced with, but BE THEIR BEST.

For more information on Brain Training and Consultations check in with Dr. V


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