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Change is Constant

In the midst and wake of the COVID-19 stressors...we are all exhausted and it shows.

The exhaustion, is touching everyone and it knows but one boundary...US; the reflection and demonstration of our Mental Strength and Mental Sustainability.

How to adjust the reflection in the mirror?

How to remain Resilient when the stressors keep shape shifting and growing? The Resilience Windows blog discussed how resiliency stores can wane. Additionally, how building resilience can reduce the perception, experience, and effect of stress.

How to deal with the internal and psychological Reactions/Responses when it is happening all around, to people we know, or even don't know, but see ourselves in? The Sustainability blog discussed the idea of vicarious trauma and how by seeing/hearing and internalizing a traumatic event can have a marked personal impact.

How to build or maintain a Positive Mindset, when nothing seems to work, and there is no end in sight? The Carpe Diem blog discussed an important wellness tool that can help pull you out of the negative dwelling spiral.

How to stay in control when the Uncontrollables are so all encompassing that its splendor is blinding? The Pay Attention and Competing with COVID blog discussed effective stress management and emotional management tools.

How to avoid Burn Out when there are others that need you to be there for them? The Carers, Givers and Takers blog discussed the strategies for the 'strong friend' and the 'carer' to use to work on filling their own cup.

You have limits, and High Performers have them too.

What sets a High Performer a part is how they respond/react to limits, when those limits are tested. The experience of Stress and Pressure morphs and adapts just as we need to when any opponent confronts us. It is not static. It is outside of us and inside of us, all the time. In case you miss the analogy, an opponent is any thing/experience/person (even yourself) that stands in the way of your peak performance.

Being consistently tested in various situations, whether on the field of play, in the office, at school, in the boardroom, and at guessed it, is LIFE. It is always fluid.

Everyone deals with stress and pressure differently, based on their capacity for change. This may mean that they have a range of emotions that are similar or vastly different from yours. They may show it to you or others, or experience it 'on the low' retreating to the inner recesses of their mind.

The way we stay on top of our Mental Sustainability is determined by how well we face change. How well we maintain our effectiveness, constructiveness and usefulness to ourselves, and to our loved ones, in the face of change.

The main question therefore that requires an answer is...

How do we deal with Change, when Change is the only Constant?

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