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Competing with COVID-19

The onset of COVID-19 has impacted the way we interact with loved ones, the way we socialize, the way we work, and ultimately, the way we live.

So what to do now?

The short answer…Everything!!

Do all the things that you have been planning to do, wanted to do, needed to do, but felt like you didn’t have the time for.

What is it for you? That thing that you’ve been putting off. Start there!

How do you COMPETE with COVID-19?

Elite athletes engage a very particular process when they are getting in The Zone, and getting ready to COMPETE against any/every opponent. Consider the acronym P.E.A.C.E as you get ready to compete with COVID-19.


Getting ready for every competition begins with preparation. In this case, the coaches are the medical professionals reminding you, "Wash your hands, Don't touch your face, Limit social gatherings, and take care when interacting with the immuno-compromised and elderly".

Proper preparation can help you avoid getting caught up in a scenario you could have predicted.


Now that you have ALL the toilet paper that your heart desires. How are you feeling? How do you usually react under pressure, when scared, when angry, or when pressed? This is what readiness means, it is your ability to COPE and be RESILIENT. Focusing on competition readiness, builds Confidence and enhances your Mental Stamina in competition.

For strategies you can use to assess and increase your readiness, Check in with Dr.V


There is no shortage of information on COVID-19. What side of the draw are you on? That is, how are/will you be specifically impacted. Avoid getting trapped in the endless news cycles and information gorging. Double check sources and limit researching your opponent to an hour or two. This restriction helps you avoid overthinking and/or losing the ‘match’ before it starts.


Your usual schedule is disrupted. The first couple days will be awesome, but once it sets in that this might be life for a while, it might not feel that great. The game plan is used to highlight your strengths and expose the weaknesses of the opponent. Create a routine that you can follow everyday so there is structure. Make a TO-DO list to remind yourself of all the things that you can do; the home projects to start, books to read, languages to learn, people to contact. Put this list up where you can see it often. (I will post mine here)

The structure that having a GAME PLAN provides leads to increased feelings of control, reduced anxiety, increased optimism, and increased self-efficacy. Ensure that you are making the most of your strengths. Your time, and your mind.


When the pressure is on and errors are made, self-doubt creeps in. This is when you are most likely to stray from the game plan and just react. For these instances, there is the default plan, this is a plan that focuses on the basics and correcting the specific error. It is a 'What to do when I don't want to, TO-DO' list.

It is essentially the OFF-SEASON, for us, the COVID-19 season. The lessons we learn, the skills acquired, the enhancements made in this time, will be useful and give you the edge! This is the best time to begin/continue working on yourself, your mental strengths, mental skills and mental flexibility.

After COVID-19, be ready to...

2020, the new decade, the year of action and lofty resolutions…


Check in with Dr. V for more information on this article, online sessions, and online training modules available for you to work on your mental skills.


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