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Don'ts...for the High Performer, High Functioner, and High Potential

Here's the answer to the million dollar question...

What makes a person a Low Performer, Low Functioner or show Low Potential?

...If you don't want this to be YOU...

Here are the 10 things to avoid!

Lack of Goal Setting: Some individuals may struggle to set clear and achievable goals, making it challenging to stay focused and motivated.

Procrastination: Putting off important tasks lead to a lack of productivity and hinder personal growth.

Poor Time Management: Difficulty in managing time effectively can result in missed deadlines and unproductive use of time.

Negative Mindset: A negative outlook impacts self-confidence and prevent individuals from reaching their full potential.

Inconsistent Effort: Low-performing individuals might struggle to maintain consistent effort and dedication towards their endeavors.

Resistance to Feedback: Some individuals may be defensive when receiving feedback, which can limit their ability to learn and improve.

Lack of Resilience: Difficulty in bouncing back from setbacks and failures can hinder growth and development.

Ineffective Habits: Poor study or work routines lead to inefficient learning or performance.

Succumb to Distractions / Lack of Focus: Difficulty concentrating on tasks negatively impact productivity and performance.

Limited Self-Discipline: Low-performing individuals might struggle to maintain self-discipline and stick to necessary routines.


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