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Is Potential your Problem?

While talent is generally considered a positive factor that contributes to performance, there are situations where talent can negatively affect performance.

In fact, talent might get you only so far in your performance journey.

Often Performance Supporters (Coaches, Teachers, Mentors, Parents) ask me...

Why are my Talented Performers (athletes, students, mentees, children) the ones with Potential so stuck at this level of performance?

Here are some potential drawbacks of where potential and talent becomes a problem:

Overreliance: Becoming overly reliant on natural abilities. If you don't put in the necessary effort to develop skills further through practice and hard work, the problem might come up as a struggle when faced with challenges that require more than innate talent.

Complacency: Becoming complacent or satisfied with current level of performance. This complacency can hinder motivation to improve or push further. Making it difficult to reach full potential.

Pressure and Expectations: Facing increased pressure and expectations from themselves and others. This pressure can lead to stress and anxiety, which, in turn, can negatively impact performance. The fear of not living up to expectations or maintaining a perfect record can be detrimental.

Lack of Persistence: Talent/Potential alone is often not enough to overcome obstacles or failures. When you've relied heavily on talent or potential might lack the persistence and resilience needed to persevere through challenges. When faced with difficulties, it may be more likely to give up rather than persisting through adversity.

Underestimating Others: Individuals with high levels of talent may underestimate the abilities of those who have put in significant effort and practice. This underestimation can lead to a lack of preparation and a false sense of superiority, making them vulnerable to competition from individuals who have worked hard to develop their skills.

While talent and potential can provide a strong foundation for Performance in Sport, Business, Arts or any field...ongoing effort, a growth mindset, and the ability to adapt are critical for sustained success.

This is why the development of High Performance Habits is important at any and every stage of the High Performance Journey.

Which 'POTENTIAL' problem do you face?


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