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Mental Skills - First Aid (intro)

Thank you for attending the MSFA Intro Session on May 8th 2020

This session served to introduce participants to the MSFA Training program and share a Mental Sustainability check in tool.

The Mental Skills First Aid (MSFA) training is designed to help increase the availability of and access to the practice of Performance Psychology across disciplines. Similar to traditional First Aid © courses, participants will be equipped with knowledge of Mental Skills for use in emergency situations.

This program is recommended for Coaches, Parents, Teachers, Support Professionals.

Five (5) program modules are used to achieve the program objectives.


Module 1 - What is Performance Psychology and its Interventions

Module 2 - Considerations

Module 3 First Aid in Pressure Situations

Module 4 (2/3) Common Performance Challenges and Band Aids

Module 5 The Support Team

Interested in doing a MSFA program?

You can register as an Individual or as a Group.

Interested in doing a MSFA program?


MS First Aid - is the first and immediate assistance given to any person suffering from either a minor or serious performance challenge, with care provided to support, prevent the condition from worsening, or to promote recovery.

How do you know if you or someone you care about is actually doing ok?

There are 6 dimensions that are essential to consider as the holy grail of wellness. They represent areas that you can use to check in with yourself and others to gain insight into your mental sustainability and the sustainability of the people you care about.

Mood -overall mood, way they react to news/information, any changes in normal mood or disposition

Responsibilities - ability to complete tasks relating to schoolwork, work, training •Eating -maintaining a regular eating pattern instead of eating all the time or not at all, inclusion of a balanced diet

Rest -ability to sleep throughout the night, maintaining a regular sleeping pattern, feeling rested when waking

Physical Activity -movement incorporated into the day, reducing the amount of time spent sedentary

Balance - doing things that brings joy, avoiding obsessing over work, school or other stressors

Learn more about Mental Sustainability and High Performance Strategies


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