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On Becoming Positive...

Staying positive in negative situations can be challenging, but it is crucial for maintaining emotional well-being, resilience and Performance.

In this blog we explore strategies that has been helpful for a more positive outlook.

These strategies have been helpful for the performers I've worked with over the last decade as a Human Performance Specialist, but also, and this is important...

What I've used myself!!

(Here's to practicing what I preach)

Hey!...Remember that staying positive doesn't mean ignoring or denying the reality of negative situations; it's about maintaining a healthy perspective and finding ways to cope constructively.

So here's what works!!

Staying positive in tough times can be quite challenging, the very FIRST and most important thing is recognizing that whatever you are going through is definitely something worth working on!

Do you have a situation that's been affecting your performance, functioning or potential?

  • I've found that accepting the emotions, even the negative ones. It's all part of being human.

  • Practicing gratitude is a great way to shift focus away from the negatives and onto the positive aspects of our lives.

  • Reframing our thoughts is another strategy, it's about finding silver linings or learning opportunities in the midst of difficult situations.

  • Seeking support from friends or family can really help with the coping process. Its often said...a problem shared is a problem halved!

  • Being present in a moment (the real one, not the one in your head) can reduce stress and anxiety, especially during tough times.

  • Doing things you love/enjoy doing can lift your spirits and help with creating or maintaining a positive attitude.

  • Limit exposure to negativity and online triggers can really make a difference in how we feel about the world. The digital detox does wonders!

FINALLY, another very important key is to be kinder to yourself by practicing self-compassion and understanding. You know, that thing you tend to give everyone but yourself when things get tough.

Interested in some Journal Prompts for navigating a difficult situation?

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