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Overthinking: My Story

Hello High Performer,

We've been exploring how Overthinking can be your Kryptonite but more importantly how it can also be your Catalyst for High Performance!

Here's a bit about my overthinking journey!

Confession: I'm a high-functioning overthinker!

Before transitioning my overthinking from Kryptonite to a Catalyst...on the surface, everything seemed fine. I exceled in my career, respected by my colleagues, and I was always looking for ways to identify and optimize my strengths. Beneath all that though, my mind was prone to constantly buzz with thoughts and worries.

Whenever I lost balance and overthinking took control, I found myself spending way too much time dissecting every detail, weighing all possible outcomes, and second-guessing my choices. It was like a never-ending loop of thoughts playing in my mind, that resulted in doubt and anxiety.

The stress of overthinking also...well, if i'm being honest...affected my personal life the most! Simple decisions could become exhausting tasks when I overanalyzed every option, fearing that i'd make the wrong choice! The mental chatter would get relentless, robbing me of peace and making it impossible to have a healthy sleep routine.

Despite my accomplishments, overthinking took a toll on my self-esteem. I would constantly compare myself to others, question my abilities and fear that my success was mere luck.

(Hello, Imposter Syndrome)

The inner critic was unrelenting, and it constantly chipped away at my confidence, filling me with self-doubt.

Realizing that overthinking was holding me back from reaching my full potential, I decided enough was enough!

I began working devising tools and strategies that I could use to not only help manage my overthinking tendencies but to make overthinking my strength.

As a journey as a high-functioning overthinker has been one of self-discovery and growth. I've learned to harness my analytical skills without being overwhelmed by overthinking. With this newfound balance, I can channel my strengths effectively, make confident decisions, and take steps towards unleashing my full potential as a high performer in both my professional and personal life.

Let's begin the journey to transition your overthinking from Kryptonite to Catalyst!

Here's what it looks like...(in a nutshell)

-Get the personalized support and guidance you need to overcome overthinking and thrive.

-Explore the root causes of overthinking tendencies and develop effective strategies to manage and redirect your thoughts.

-Have a safe and non-judgmental space for you to express your concerns, fears, and challenges related to overthinking.

-Regain control over your thoughts and actions, empowering you to make confident decisions and thrive in all areas of your life.


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