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Rush Hour

As each phase of the reopening occurs, a new level of risk and complexity comes with it. The world will continue to become bigger as the New Normal is defined.

The world will begin to speed up, and so will you and your life. As we reintegrate, for lack of a better word, the simplicity that has been a part of the quarantine experience will soon be a memory.

The challenge with a New Normal is that, just as it provides a license to reinvent, it simultaneously allows for an unceremonious return to patterns that are/were comfortable.

The question then becomes, What's the rush? Lets give this some thought.

Life Pre-COVID must seem like Utopia now, especially when considering the new rules, regulations and restrictions that are being implemented.

In the same breath though, life Pre-COVID, as little as we might want to admit it, also had its trials, and elements that we longed to have replaced. Not wanting to go to work, cheating on training, wanting to stay in bed, and even wishing for more quality time with loved ones. There has been quite a bit of change, some for the better and some, well not so great.

When a High Performer is faced with a 'new beginning', such as returning from an injury, a loss, or life change, there is a mindset that they adopt to effectively work through those instances. Yes, the idea of the 'new normal' happens quite often. It is in those moments that the decision about or approach to staying the same or changing is important.

The mindset used to deal particularly with change, is one of the lesser known mindsets, and exists in the shadow of the popular Growth Mindset when it comes to performance. It is the Learner's Mindset.

The Learner's Mindset helps the high performer navigate any change, and especially those where there are a considerable amount of un-controllable elements. It allows for an approach to the situation with an openness, childish wonder, enthusiasm and curiosity. All of these traits combined, make it arguably the healthiest way to approach a change, and thrive.

The Learner's Mindset is often undermined. This occurs when there is an almost unshakable belief that 'what was' is more important than 'what is', or better than 'what can be'. The nemesis of the learners mindset is Self Deception. With this Anti-Performance measure the ability to see a situation clearly becomes difficult.

Unfortunately, elements of self deception can be so hard wired, that it can go undetected and even camouflaged as logical reasoning.

Using the Learner's Mindset and avoiding Self Deception can make an effective counter-punch approach when tasked with rebuilding after any change. To be effective, it relies on taking a moment to pay attention, learn from the experience and use it to inform the next steps with truth.

Learn more about the Learner's Mindset, Self Deception, and how to use it while Navigating through Post-COVID.

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