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Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed...Something....TRUE.

As the world continues to evolve, so does the varied approaches to Mental Health and Wellness.

Mindset, Mentality, and Mental Wellness are the wildly accepted concepts in achieving success in various fields.

During this Mental Health Awareness Month...let's explore the concepts of Human Performance and Mental Sustainability as an element to your Mental Wellness Journey.

Human Performance

Human Performance is the study of how LIFE (Physical, Mental, Emotional, Professional, Social, Financial and Digital) factors affect performance in various fields.

It includes the use of various techniques and strategies to enhance performance and overcome challenges, aiming to optimize an individual’s capabilities to achieve their desired outcomes consistently over time...making them Mentally Sustainable.

Mental Sustainability

Mental sustainability refers to the ability to maintain good mental health and well-being

over time. It involves proactively addressing mental health, wellness, and performance through various techniques and strategies.

This is an essential concept to include in your Performance Journey as it helps with staying motivated, focused, reduce the impact of stress, build resiliency and efficacy in the face of challenges.

The combination of Human Performance and Mental Sustainability helps individuals to prepare for challenging situations, improve their overall performance, and stay consistent in that performance overtime.

This approach provides you with a true sense of direction and purpose, on your wellness journey that ebbs and flows with a renewed approach!

Want to see how a Mental Sustainability and Human Performance approach can be applied to YOU and YOUR Performance ?!?

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