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"I don't know...I don't know what's going on, or how I got just happened".

The truth is though, that it never just happens, and it's definitely never all of a sudden...although it might feel that way.

Feeling run down, being angry, or even burning out, is actually a combination of compounding thoughts, feelings and behaviors layered one on the other until there is a breaking point. This is what happens when resilience stores are low, and all you can do is react, because responding is no longer an option.

The chain (your mental capacity) is as strong as the weakest link (your weakness).

It's understandable to feel like the end of the proverbial rope appears suddenly, but there are actually a couple reasons, and it's actually been building for a while.

Something happening suddenly is a rare occurrence for a High Performer. This is because they are proactive and preventative, instead of reactive or responsive.

They deal with issues, before they become issues. They are honest with themselves so that they aren't blindsided in the moment by something that they should have or could have addressed. They are mentally sustained throughout pressure situations, by employing strategies; strategically and progressively, not only in the moment of need.

How to avoid that 'suddenly' feeling?

**Employ a proactive approach to mental health, wellness, strength and flexibility.**

Step 1 - Be aware

Self Awareness is the key to picking up on the things that feel wrong or out of place. Paying Attention to and Being Reflective about the thoughts, feelings and behaviors, is essential because it could highlight a warning sign, the precursor to 'suddenly' feeling something maladaptive, unhelpful or un-constructive.

Step 2 - Be Honest

With the awareness of the experienced thoughts, feelings and behaviors, consider what truth there is in them. Lies can be conscious or subconscious. Ignoring, downplaying or even avoiding maladaptive thoughts, feelings and behaviors can bubble up internally. When there is enough steam/pressure it blows, releases, and then you 'feel good' again.

Don't be fooled by this 'feel good' feeling though, because it never lasts forever. Without the issue being addressed properly, the pressure will persist and continue to build incrementally until it is time to suddenly release again.

Step 3 - Be Strategic

In order to maintain and sustain an effective high performance, letting out 'steam' before it blows is key. This is done by developing strengths and strengthening weaknesses before there is a 'problem' instead of in response to a problem.

This approach is Mental Sustainability.

Everyone is in search of the 'feel good-fix it' solution, but the truth is that it takes work to be Mentally Sustainable.

It is not a passive process, but an active one.

You don't break down all of a sudden, you don't thrive all of a sudden. Its all a combination of factors that you can build and train.

Learn more about building your Mental Sustainability.


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