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The Skinny about Self Sabotage

At its core, self-sabotage involves any attitude or behavior that doesn’t match up your values and interferes with your ability to achieve your life goals. We all do things from time to time that get in the way of our progress, but self-sabotage is a pattern of thoughts and actions that creates ongoing problems, preventing you from moving forward and facing change successfully.

When people self-sabotage, they regularly engage in self-defeating behaviors like procrastination, perfectionism, negative self-talk, avoidance, or conflict. Often driven by anxiety, fear, and self-doubt, they undermine their efforts to build the life they want.

Self-sabotage becomes especially problematic when the behavior becomes a habit, done so automatically that you don’t even fully realize you’re doing it or that it is leading directly to negative consequences.

You might be asking yourself...Why though! Why We Do It?

Well, it is a very normal part of the human experience, something we all do from time to time—often without fully realizing we’re doing it. Fortunately, knowing the types of self-sabotage, where it comes from, and some helpful tips to neutralize it can help you overcome a fierce inner critic...that self-sabotaging creates.

So are you Self-Sabotaging, without knowing it?

People often don’t even realize that they are self-sabotaging, and maybe just the idea of the word gives you the ick, but honestly, it can look like a lot of things...for avoidance, conflict creation, and controlling behavior.

Once you recognize the signs of self-sabotage and the common types of Self Sabotage you can begin to change them!

I've put together a list of some common signs and types of Self Sabotage.

Ready to Feel Seen?


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