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Carpe Diem

Are you quarantined? Practicing social distancing? Working from home? Missing your routine? Are you bored, restless, anxious about the unknown and feeling disconnected from family and friends?

When faced with a situation that is persistently difficult. One that can’t be changed, controlled or avoided, there is one strategy of the High Performance Mindset that has been scientifically proven to increase performance on the Physical, Social, Psychological and Biological level.

Physically, it boosts your immune system, relaxes you, reduces body aches, pains and improve quality and ability to sleep.

Socially, it makes you more likable, increases your empathy and the quality of interpersonal relationships.

Psychologically, it enhances mood, increases self-awareness and boosts positive emotions and thoughts.

Biologically, it adds neural connections, restructures the brain, and regulates the stress and boosts the happiness hormones.

What is the ONE strategy that can do all of this?


Practicing an attitude of gratitude can literally transform your brain, your body and your mind!! In fact, practicing gratitude daily, has scientifically showed an increase in overall happiness and mental health. This is true for ‘normal’ individuals and those that have diagnosed mental health issues. It decreases the levels of and the of experience of depression, anxiety and grief.

The Benefits of practicing Gratitude are endless when consistent practice.

Thinking about what you are grateful for

activates the attitude of gratitude, but if you really want to see the significant changes that are possible write it down!

This triggers your brain on another level, and also makes you give more thought to your Gratitude List.

Try it today!

Here are a few steps to get you started.

Pause. Avoid focusing on what you don't have, what you can't do, what you can't control, or who you aren't able to see.

Try placing that energy on what you have, can do, can control and who is there.

Breathe. Take a few breaths to reset your mind when you feel it dipping into the dwelling spiral of negative thoughts. The dwelling spiral is what your mind does, jumping from one negative thought to another until you cant see anything positive around you.

Appreciate. Look around you, look for the things that you haven't noticed in a while. Bring awareness to and be mindful of the little things, to get you started. You will be amazed to see how this exercise can change your mood, your mindset, your day.

Pause, Breathe, Appreciate and Carpe Diem

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If you are experiencing issues sleeping, feeling anxious, sad or are stuck in a dwelling spiral. Check in with Dr. V


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