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First Things First

It's that time of the year.

The time when we take stock of where we are, what we've done, or not done and take a look at our lives. The common approach is to reflect and create a resolution, a change or a goal for the next 365. (check out the resolution blog)

After a year...well especially after the one we've had. You might feel heavy and cloudy, desperately searching for something 'good' to happen, you might feel like you got everything you didn't expect or prepare for. You might just feel light as a feather with hope and enthusiasm seeping through every single pore.

What is for certain, is that you're probably exhausted. With a weird mix of feeling like this is the time, your moment to double down and achieve something, or everything that you were supposed to.

During this first week, first month, first quarter of 2021, let's focus on shedding some of the mental weight, reducing some of the built up negativity and vibes that might be swirling in your system, consciously or unconsciously.

After every performance, every competition, every achievement or every failure, High Performers do a Mental Cleanse. You might have heard of it as a 'reset', 'self-assessment', or some other form of performance evaluation of strengths and weaknesses.

Cleanses are usually short-term interventions designed to clean your blood and eliminate harmful toxins from your body. A typical cleanse rests your organs, stimulates the removal of toxins, improve circulation, and provide your body with healthy nutrients.

We lean on remedies like cleanses a few times a year, especially after wild weekends or when there has been substantial exposure to things we would ordinarily consider unhealthy.

So if that's the basics of a Physical Cleanse, what does a Mental Cleanse do?

Want to do a Mental Cleanse?


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