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Overthinking Triggers...

What triggers or causes Overthinking?

First remember that Overthinking although commonly referred to as a problem when it comes to navigating thoughts can also be a strength.

As a Kryptonite; Overthinking is a pervasive habit that can infiltrate various aspects of our lives, causing 'unnecessary' stress and anxiety. Understanding the common triggers of overthinking can help us navigate through these patterns and regain control over our thoughts.

Here are some common instances or situations where we can succumb to overthinking.

OK, so you 'get it' and this all makes sense...

"So what do YOU DO about it?"

Tame Your Overthinking

Where do your Anxieties and Negative Self Perceptions Show up the Most?

Do you try to Interpret Every Word and Action?

In our personal and professional relationships, we often find ourselves overthinking every word, action, or gesture. We may analyze conversations, searching for hidden meanings or overanalyzing the intentions of others. Trigger Category - Relationships

Do you have a Fear of Making the Wrong Choice?

Making decisions, whether big or small, can trigger overthinking. We worry about potential consequences, fear making the wrong choice, and seek validation from others. The fear of regret often fuels our overthinking, causing us to analyze every possible scenario. Trigger Category - Decisions

Do you Constantly Replay and Analyze?

We tend to overthink past events, replaying conversations or situations in our minds. We dissect every detail, wondering if we could have done or said something differently. This rumination prevents us from fully embracing the present moment and moving forward. Trigger Category - Past Events

Do you spiral with an Endless case of the "What Ifs"?

The uncertainty of the future often triggers overthinking. We create multiple scenarios in our minds, worrying about all the "what ifs" and potential outcomes. This constant anticipation and worry steal our present joy and energy. Trigger Category - Future Uncertainties

Do you have a Constant Self-Critic or Comparer in your head?

Overthinking often stems from self-doubt and a constant need for validation. We compare ourselves to others, dwell on our flaws, and engage in relentless self-criticism. This negative self-talk hinders our confidence and inhibits our ability to fully express ourselves. Trigger Category - Self-Worth

Do any of these Trigger Categories...Trigger you?


Is there something else that affects your ability to have 'straight' thoughts?

Comment which Overthinking Trigger Category is yours!

Alert! - It can be more than one!


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